Character Creation Tips

One of the fundamental rules I have for this world and the characters in it is that there is no magic. However, if there is a magic ability you like, make a case for how and why your character can use it. Convince me.

The other limitation I have starting out is that if you have a high level of genetic modification or neural enhancement, you can’t also be high level in the other. This is for a couple reasons: to force players to make characters that aren’t a jack of all trades, and story reasonsing. If a heavily genetically modified character tried to get advanced neural enhancements it is very likey the surgery will fail because of their altered biology, or worse, the pychic energy will backlash onto the character. The reverse is similar with a character with a high level of neurl enchanment, except instead of pychic energy backlashing against the character, it’s the genetic modication causing problems with the neural chip, causing the chip to be moved into the brain causing painful damage or worse.

Other than that I am pretty open to all character ideas.

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Character Creation Tips

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