The year is 2156, Chicago IL. Downtown Chicago has flourished with the technology boom, while the surrounding areas have fallen into disrepair and in some cases ruin.


America is still a Representative Democracy. Many laws exist; most are for the convenience of the state. Broadcast communications are regulated; private broadcasts (like CB) and printing may be restricted. Taxation is often heavy and sometimes unfair.

While there are many laws, police generally don’t leave the main downtown area of Chicago, leaving people to fend for themselves sometimes most of the time. Downtown though is heavily monitored with security cameras, and public areas have armed police on guard. Some government buildings also have mechs stationed outside.


The world has changed after the end of the second cold war. Russia is now a Dictatorship ruled by powerful psychic dictator. India is a Athenian Democracy where every citizen votes on every action society takes. This is possible because every citizen has cybernetic mind chips, so when there is a vote, every citizen connects and votes. Not known about what is going on in China, as all communications going in and out are heavily monitored.

Genetic Modification (Gen-M’s)

Genetic modifications are now fairly common and realitively cheap compared to cybernetic enchantments. Most genetic modifications are legal, except for ones deemed to be weapons grade (claws, acid etc.). Modifications deemed weapons grade can still be obtained with a permit or by back alley doctors.

Cybernetic Enhancements

Cybernetic parts are generally a more expensive alternative to their Gen-M counterparts because most of the public views cybernetics to be superior. There is cheaper models of cybernetic parts, but they are usually made from preexisting robot parts. Cybernetic enchantments have two main types, body and mind. Cybernetic body could be anything from a artificial arm to a pair of robotic legs. Complete cyber bodies are a new technology and is very rarely seen. Cybernetic mind chips have several uses, they can be used as a mobile computer with internet access and storage. Cybernetic surgery can also be done to artificially increase the number of neurons and synapses in order the give a person psychic abilities. Nearly impossible to hack cybernetic synapses.


The world of this campaign is plentiful with robots, especially in prosperous areas. They are mostly robots designed for things like cleaning floors, customer service, and heavy lifting. Robots have fairly simple A.I.


Many cars from pre-fission reactor days have been retrofitted with large batteries and replacing the gas motor with electric ones. Newer cars come with battries already installed. VTOLS are very common and can often be seen flying around the wealthier districts.

Large flying ships with anti-gravity generators installed replace older oil tankers and container ships.

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